Shall We?

I’m going to be up front with you about something: I’m a reader.  Sometimes I read because it feels like the air around me is getting stale or because my feet hurt and I want to sit down but can’t tolerate unabashed inactivity.  Sometimes I read because I don’t watch television but crave voices other than my own.  Sometimes I read because I don’t care for travel but can’t bear to stay in the same place for long.  Mainly I read because I cannot relate to the world when I do not.

I am not, however, a particularly reflective reader.  I spend my reading time in stories and not with stories.  I am not always autonomous.  That, dear reader (ha ha!) is where you come in.  It is my hope that writing little summaries, observations, musings, and so on about what I am reading will aid me in remaining present, conscious, aware.  Instead of just reading, I would like to be me, reading.

There is something in it for you; never fear!  In exchange for your time I promise to be seriously funny, horribly insensitive, somewhat socially aware, and to occasionally throw in complete non-sequiturs about my dogs.  Who could ask for anything more?  No, that was really rhetorical guys…So, let’s see what happens!

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